Doodie Calls with Doug Mand
Comedian and writer Doug Mand (How I Met Your Mother, UCB Theater) talks with other comedians about their most embarrassing and horrifying bathroom attacks and other unflattering experiences.

Doug sits down with comedian/actress Nicole Byer (Girl Code) to talk lactose intolerance, cheese fries, and the ultimate test of laziness. 

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Doug sits down with Jensen Karp (Get Up On This, Gallery 1988) to talk OCD, streakless streaks, and the end of an era at Dave & Buster's.

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Doug sits down with actress/comedian Jean Villepique (Modern Family, Up All Night) to talk up tight upbringings, paper routes, and the a double whammy of shame!

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Doug sits down with Eli Yudin (Not Tilda Swinton, @eliyudin) to talk IBS, onesies and the world's most magical bean. 

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Doug sits down with Kourtney Kang (How I Met Your Mother) and Zack Rosenblatt (Friends, Whitney) to talk pregnancy, birthing and the meaning of true love.

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Doug sits down with writer/comedian Gabe Liedman (Brooklyn 99, Comedy Central) to talk Quaker schools, bad girls and off campus pooping.

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Doug sits down with writer/comedian Gil Ozeri (Brooklyn 99, Happy Endings) to talk summer vacations in Israel, holocaust museum exhibits, and an unfortunate side effect of wisdom teeth removal.  

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Doug sits down with Brian Finkelstein (The Moth, The Ellen Show) to talk Kmart, fart attacks, and broken choppers.

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Doug sits down with Luka Jones (BFF, Up All Night) to talk hernia surgery, great neighbors, and a white bullet!

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Doug sits down with actor/comedian Pam Murphy (30 Rock, Happy Endings, Campus Security) to talk drummer ex-boyfriends, pacecars, and shyness at the vet. 

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